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Community Action Plan

Please complete one of the following surveys:

To be completed by agencies serving the low-income

To be completed by low-income residents

Young Family

Yuba County Community Services Commission (YCCSC) serves as Yuba County's Community Action Board, advising and counseling the Yuba County Board of Supervisors on programs that affect the County's low income or otherwise disadvantaged citizens. YCCSC is a referral source for those in need. YCCSC also funds private non-profit or public organizations in Yuba-Sutter that meet the needs of the low-income in the area and promote self-sufficiency.


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2022 YCCSC Annual ReportFRONT.jpg

Yuba County Community Services Commission

2022 Annual Report

Combating poverty by empowering

local agencies that represent the needs

of low-income residents


3-2023 YCCSC Low Income Board Member Wanted Flyer.jpg

Yuba County Community Services Commission is looking for one person

to serve on its board who is

low-income or serves low-income

residents in Yuba County


Every year YCCSC and SCCAA receive state funding allocation to be granted to service providers and nonprofit organizations whose mission is to reduce poverty and/or provide services for disadvantaged populations.

Click on the following link to view 2023 funded organizations and their programs:

2023 Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Funded Service Providers

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