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Annual Report of Achievements

Each year, the agency compiles a listing of its service providers accomplishments for the previous calendar year, detailing the services provided, clients served, and additional quantitative and qualitative data on agency operations.

Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan (CAP) serves as a two (2) year roadmap demonstrating how Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) eligible entities plan to deliver CSBG services. The CAP identifies and assesses poverty-related needs and resources in the community and establishes a detailed plan, goals, and priorities for delivering those services to individuals and families most affected by poverty. CSBG funds may be used to support activities that assist low-income families and individuals, homeless families and individuals, migrant or seasonal farm workers and elderly low-income individuals and families by removing obstacles and solving problems that block the achievement of self‐sufficiency.


2024-2025 Community Action Plan (CAP)

2022-2023 Community Action Plan (CAP)

2020-2021 Community Action Plan (CAP)

Strategic Plan

The Yuba County Community Services Commission (YCCSC) completes a Strategic Plan based on assessment of the community needs and the capacity of service providers to deliver services in response to local community needs through an effective alignment of the agency’s mission. The agency is the recipient of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds that are funded by the Federal Office of Community Services and administered by the State of California Community Services and Development Department. The strategic plan addresses how the agency will address the reduction of poverty for vulnerable and low-income residents in Yuba County.

2024-2025 YCCSC Strategic Plan


2022-2023 YCCSC Strategic Plan

2020-2021 YCCSC Strategic Plan

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